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Hey There!

I am Phillippe Renaud and I am a photographer originally from Montreal.

So what’s my story? Well, it’s a bit unconventional. I started out as a chemical engineer back in Canada, but the call of the wild was too strong to ignore. From the chaotic streets of Bangkok to the serene shores of Indonesia, I’ve lived and breathed the essence of countless cultures.

Then, one day, mostly after reading an eye opening book called “Die with Zero” by Bill Perkins I decided to take a different approach to life. I dove headfirst into things I might not be able to do when I retire –  Scuba Diving and travelling. Turns out, my childhood fascination with the ocean was more than just a phase. Now, armed with a camera and a sense of adventure, I’m on a mission to capture every moment. My goal is capture the beauty of each destinations. As for my portraits, I want to photograph the hardship I have been witnessing in the diving industry and other unequal professions around the world .

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them!


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