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My very first pictures – Sunsets! This is what initiated my passion for photography. I’ve always been mind blown by the beauty of sunsets – no matter where you are in the world. Although the pictures can’t mimic exactly what I could see and feel on the day I took the pictures, I try to represent it the best I can.


I have recently been enjoying portrait photography. I have a KISS approach – keeping it as simple as possible. I try to show the person’s story with natural light or only one source of light.


I have recently changed my career to pursue something I always wanted to try – Scuba Diving. Working as a scuba instructor has enabled me to meet and witness the challenges of the business. Nevertheless, the individuals I have encountered and photographed are truly passionate and dedicated to their work. I truly admire them


I am very fortunate to have traveled to many countries. Embracing the experience of being a stranger in a foreign land is something I deeply enjoy, even though I struggle to articulate why. Exploring new cultures and immersing oneself in unfamiliar environments can lead to personal growth, broaden perspectives, and create lasting memories that enrich one’s life. I make sure to bing my camera everywhere I go.

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